Monday, February 2, 2009


Jumping to the present day, this is a t-shirt design that I recently submitted to Even more recently, they sent me a rejection letter, stating that they would rather stay away from pop-culture icons in fear of lawsuits. Which I wouldn't blame them for doing, except that they already printed this. If you risk incurring the wrath of George Lucas, I don't think you fear anything. So what's up now, Threadless?

It's ok; I have several more shirt designs that don't involve copyright infringement.

PS - After five attempts to get a decent resolution posted, I've succeeded. I think the internet likes PNG files.


  1. I like the little shirt posted in the middle. I don't think that was there before for the facebook post. Did you add that for the threadless entry?

  2. Yes. And for some reason the internet keeps low-rezzing this image. I can't get a good quality version online!

  3. Hello.
    I´m a designer and i was seeing blogs randomly and yours appears.
    Nice tshirt!!!!

  4. Haha, thanks Ruth! Just gettin' started!

  5. i want to be a stalker, er follower of this.

    threadless contradicts themselves often. get enough hits on this blog and you can sell them. also does shirt contests, but you have to follow the weekly theme. you might find some inflow of cash if you win over there.