Monday, February 2, 2009

Mass Characters

A long, long time ago a girlfriend of my best friend asked me to draw her some polar bears attacking Ronald McDonald for her birthday. Well, I did that. And before I knew it, I got carried away and created this... jumble of actual and non-actual characters. I think there's a little bit of everything there. Wolverine is hugging Jimi Hendrix, for Pete Venkman's sake!

Peter Venkman not pictured, unfortunately.

After I was done, I snapped out of my creative daze and realized that I actually had to give this away. At least I scanned it! This is obviously a low-res version. I hope the internet treats it well, quality-wise!


  1. "human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together ... mass hysteria!!" ... i think you and i have some bizarre ideas of what makes a good movie. welcome new blog.

  2. I'm proud to have you as my first poster.

  3. I still get so many compliments on this! Great job Burt; it completes my living room!