Monday, February 2, 2009


Funapeeling was my first foray into shirt designs. The title, of course is a play on the word "Unappealing." It'd be unappealing to be the astronaut in the illustration, no? And "peal" is spelled "peel" for pun's sake.

Of course.

Anyway, it didn't get selected to be printed. It was interesting how many people got hung up on the astronaut's foot bleeding off of the illustration. As if I just forgot to draw it or something. It's a design element to lead you into the drawing, since people read from left to right, from top to bottom. Well, in English, anyway.

Hmm that last paragraph began and ended with the word "anyway." Interesting. Hmm.


  1. whatever.. this is cool. too bad then think of things that are unimportant for a design

  2. i meant to say "they" not "then"
    i can't spell by the end of the day, uhhh

  3. Thanks, I appreciate your support, spelling or no spelling!