Tuesday, February 17, 2009

In Memoriam

This design is dedicated to all those who have fallen whilst providing us with fuel for our fires.

If you watch LOST (the TV show), and especially if you listen to the Jay and Jack and Dharmalars podcasts, you'll know that we're almost out of Log Carrying Guys. I recently found out, thanks to Ralph at the Dharmalars (and also thanks to The Lost Initiative Podcast) that the LCG count is down to approximately three. THREE.

Look, I know we can't save them. They are smoke-monster fodder. Or flaming arrow targets. My initial concept was to push to save them, but I have realized that is futile. Instead, let's just remember them. No need to get our hopes dashed along with those randos' lives.

The design is a dark brown on top of a red (of course) shirt.


  1. ooo ooo ooo <- that's me liking this design very much.

  2. This is just beautiful!
    I love the fern and leaf wings.
    I would wear this proudly.

    Have a wonderful day!