Thursday, January 28, 2010


Sorry for the long break! My dad has been in the hospital for a while, plus things have been really busy around here. I have been drawing, but haven't had much time to actually color, finish or post illustrations. Fortunately, my dad is starting to feel better. Thanks to everyone that kept checking on his status.

This is an illustration I did for my friend Lauh-ren, up in Utah. I have been liking her art for a while now, and requested to be FRINZ on Facebook. And we just traded zine/sketchbooks through snail mail. Fun!

So I drew this random picture and wrote a random exposé to go on the back of the artwork. I was quite entertained by it. I believe she was, as well! Here's the accompanying note:

The illustration was done in pen and colored with Prismacolor pencils. Classic Burt Snail Mail.