Monday, July 26, 2010

"Save the Gulf" Poster Prints

Save the Gulf Poster

StG Poster Detail

Stg Poster Setup

The photos above are of my Save the Gulf poster design that my friend Jude Landry was kind enough to offer to screen print. The posters will be on sale at The Great Oil Leak Poster Project gallery showings, coming up soon. I'll also be putting some up for sale online. Part of the proceeds will go towards Gulf Aid, to assist those whose lives and jobs were affected by the oil spill.

More info to come!

Photos by Tim Landry.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Doodie Patrol

I helped brand a pretend-militia club thingie! Sarah and her friends call lame guys "Doodies." It's an adorable take on a major problem in society. You know the type: Guys that walk around in overly graphic tees and popped collars and say "Bruh!" a lot. That are a bit too forward with the womenfolk. That love Jagerbombs. That basically exist to annoy non-doodies. They're typically "swole out" and "ready to hit it." You know.

But you may NOT know that there are other types of Doodies than just the Bruhs. Sleazy Rockers and Jackleg Yuppies also qualify. Amongst others. Just always be on the lookout for toolbags, amirite? Not really that hard to spot. Just look around!

So, to unite unDoodies under a common banner, I created this silly logo. I hope it helps Sarah, her friends and all women out there who are looking for strength in numbers! Clean up the streets!

Fight the good fight, Doodie Patrol.

PS - The female Doodie is known as a "Doodette."

Thursday, July 8, 2010


Zomball Player

Here's another silly creation that was the result of our Wednesday night Lafayette Drink & Draw Social Club. There was no theme, but somehow a few of us ended up drawing classic monsters. Someone drew a werewolf and someone drew an emo Teen Wolf. I think someone else drew a big ol' squid. That's KIND OF a monster, right? Right. How can you tell if something is a monster? You wouldn't let it hold your baby.

I don't know about you, but I wouldn't let a giant squid hold MY baby.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Music Tangents

Alright these are a couple of non-illustration videos, but don't be upset. It's still creative / artistic, right???

This first one is my first attempt at trying out my violin through a loop and acoustic amp. Pretty interesting.

This second one is me trying out a couple of new guitar pedals (POG2 octave and vintage Tube Screamer, along with a sweet Frantone fuzz pedal that I already had), with a funny ending.

Don't hate! I'm just making up stuff on the spot so it isn't exactly Mozart caliber, haha.

Friday, July 2, 2010



My friend Sarah is obsessed with glitter. While it hasn't reached "intervention" levels yet, it's noteworthy enough to have necessitated an illustration. So this past Wednesday at Sketchgroup, I created her a robot butler, or robutler, that would scamper about collecting discarded glitter piles. Please note the "I'm excited!" girly hand position.

I will report back once a name has been issued upon this Glitterbot model. Stay tuned!