Monday, September 20, 2010

The Creole Trinity

The Creole Trinity
With all the excitement of getting one of my shirt designs printed, I forgot to upload the art to my blog! So here it is, my first shirt printed with Dirty Coast, a t-shirt & poster printing shop in New Orleans, La.

If you aren't familiar with the cooking practices of Southern Louisiana, know that we love our cooking "trinity," which consists of onion, bell pepper and celery. They go into many a cajun/creole dish. Garlic is definitely a close runner up. I personally use garlic more than celery, haha.

Anyway, Dirty Coast asked if I'd like to do a shirt design based on "We Believe in the Trinity," and feature the onion, bell pepper and celery. So this is what I came up with. Cooking IS religious to many down here, you know.

Here's a link to the shirt on the Dirty Coast shop page: Believe in the Trinity

Bon app├ętit!

Friday, September 17, 2010

GROSSery Shopping

The Flesh Market
The theme for this week's Sketchgroup was "Snooty Zombies," as put forth by yours truly. I was already drawing the snooty zombie when someone asked what the theme would be. That's usually how it happens, hahaha.

If you don't have one where you live, there's a fancy-pants grocery store called The Fresh Market, where the shoppers are gently caressed by classical music as they wander the aisles in a trance. The trance is mostly caused by sticker shock. Those quality ingredients are ASPENSIVE!

Don't get me wrong, I love the place. They have some AWESOME gourmet hummus. And cakes! And fresh everything, as their name displays. So I figure if there was an undead grocery industry out there, this place would attract the mid-to-upper class zombies. Right?

It would also attract packs of wild, masterless dogs.


Sky Pirate
Another random creation from our Drink & Draw Sketchgroup. The theme last Wednesday was "sky." The theme two nights ago was "snooty zombies," which I proposed. I just scanned that drawing, so you should be seeing it up here soon!

Also, I bet this pirate won't be putting his bootypack so close to his parachutes next time. IF THERE IS A NEXT TIME! I mean, he may land on a haystack, a fun-jump or a kraken, for all we know.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Save the Gulf Walrus

Save the Gulf Walrus
This is the second shirt design I've done for Dirty Coast, out of New Orleans. The creative director, Blake, contacted me with the idea "Save the Gulf Walrus," and this is what I popped out of my head. Quite a fun piece to illustrate!

If you aren't familiar with the story, apparently some oil companies released a report right after the Gulf oil leak that stated that the walrus was among the species in danger from the disaster. Well, since there aren't any walruses (walri?) in the Gulf, I guess those companies have some oily egg on their collective face.

Isn't that chubby gryphon adorable? I think he's part weenie dog. Yay, Weenie Gryphon!

The initial response was that they really liked how the art looks. I'll keep you guys posted as to if/when it gets printed.

I have a few more illustrations that I'll be posting soon! :D

Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Construction Porker

Construction Porker
Aka, Sunny, With a Chance of MeatClouds.

This illustration was a product of the Lafayette Drink & Draw (Sketchgroup) random creation process. There wasn't a theme, so I just let my mind wander. I guess I was kind of hungry? Hungry for what, I have no idea.

:cue Ren & Stimpy's lummox, screaming "MEATTTT!":

Anyway, I had drawn the construction worker (and his meal) by the end of the night. After I scanned and colored it, I felt that something was missing. I had him sitting in that vertical format, just being all hungry, with the vast expanse of sky above his hard hat. Then it hit me, as if I were slapped by a porkchop. MeatClouds.

There are surprisingly few MeatClouds. You may say "Where's the meatballs?" But meatballs just like a cloud puff. And all steaks pretty much look the same. A meaty slice of pizza would just look like a triangle. Boudin looks like sausage. Meat pies just look like normal pies. Chicken nuggets look like meatballs, which look like ordinary cloud puffs. Boring ol' non-meaty cloud puffs.

So what you have here is the cream of the meat crop. I tried making "MeatClouds" into a trend on Twitter, but I'm no where important enough. If ONLY I could get Lindsay Lohan to mention it!