Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Construction Porker

Construction Porker
Aka, Sunny, With a Chance of MeatClouds.

This illustration was a product of the Lafayette Drink & Draw (Sketchgroup) random creation process. There wasn't a theme, so I just let my mind wander. I guess I was kind of hungry? Hungry for what, I have no idea.

:cue Ren & Stimpy's lummox, screaming "MEATTTT!":

Anyway, I had drawn the construction worker (and his meal) by the end of the night. After I scanned and colored it, I felt that something was missing. I had him sitting in that vertical format, just being all hungry, with the vast expanse of sky above his hard hat. Then it hit me, as if I were slapped by a porkchop. MeatClouds.

There are surprisingly few MeatClouds. You may say "Where's the meatballs?" But meatballs just like a cloud puff. And all steaks pretty much look the same. A meaty slice of pizza would just look like a triangle. Boudin looks like sausage. Meat pies just look like normal pies. Chicken nuggets look like meatballs, which look like ordinary cloud puffs. Boring ol' non-meaty cloud puffs.

So what you have here is the cream of the meat crop. I tried making "MeatClouds" into a trend on Twitter, but I'm no where important enough. If ONLY I could get Lindsay Lohan to mention it!

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