Thursday, September 16, 2010

Save the Gulf Walrus

Save the Gulf Walrus
This is the second shirt design I've done for Dirty Coast, out of New Orleans. The creative director, Blake, contacted me with the idea "Save the Gulf Walrus," and this is what I popped out of my head. Quite a fun piece to illustrate!

If you aren't familiar with the story, apparently some oil companies released a report right after the Gulf oil leak that stated that the walrus was among the species in danger from the disaster. Well, since there aren't any walruses (walri?) in the Gulf, I guess those companies have some oily egg on their collective face.

Isn't that chubby gryphon adorable? I think he's part weenie dog. Yay, Weenie Gryphon!

The initial response was that they really liked how the art looks. I'll keep you guys posted as to if/when it gets printed.

I have a few more illustrations that I'll be posting soon! :D

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