Monday, November 22, 2010

Namby Potter

Namby Potters
Here is Snape teaching his Defense Against the Dork Arts class about the annoying "Namby Pamby."

I was inspired by Emmy to do my own mini-potter comic. Hopefully I'll do more! (I already have an idea for another one. It even has a JINGLE in it.)

I've typed it before and I'll type it again: Snape is by far my favorite HP character. Followed by Hermoine, the only student who could actually do any spells above a third-year level.

Sunday, November 21, 2010


Super CookNight
Just a quick, silly design for the Facebook Event photo for our upcoming *SUPER* CookNight. Our first ever. Usually we just take turns cooking on Tuesday nights. But next Sunday, a few of us will be manning out respective stoves and meeting to feed a lot of people. Hopefully, because I can't eat it ALL by myself.


Thursday, November 18, 2010

Cher Gambit

Cher Gambit
After years of hearing people butcher the Cajun-French word "cher," amongst other expressions and phrases, Gambit finally snaps. Actually, the biggest offender is Gambit himself, circa the X-Men cartoon. Oh, "mon CHER," it'll be alright.

Actually, it's pretty entertaining to hear "Cajun" voice acting on television. Trust me, you don't really want genuine cajunspeak on there. But, since Gambit was one charming "Cajun" mutant, I'm perfectly fine with his vaguely-kinda-frenchish-drawl. It's much easier on the ears than hearing something like "Mais, dat mutin' dere is trowin' dem playin' cards fass fass, ya cher!"

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Wizard Watching

People-watching at ComicCon
Sitting behind a table at Wizard World Austin ComicCon this past weekend allowed me the chance to do a little bit of people-watching. I tried to pick some of the more interesting characters who walked by the table. It usually helped if they stopped nearby to talk to someone, haha.

There's another one coming up in January in New Orleans. Maybe I'll get my own table and do silly commissions. Like Superman getting speared by a Superbull. Oh wait, I already drew that...

Sketchcards by Mediocre Militia

This past weekend and Austin Wizard World ComicCon, I met a group of artists who go by "Mediocre Militia." They were pretty cool doodz, and they liked all the silly drawings in my moleskine, so I commissioned each of them to draw me a sketchcard. Actually, come to find out, I only met three out of the four. SORRY, FOURTH GUY.

From James Riot, I requested "Robocop surfing."

From Dave, I asked "Batman riding on Robin's shoulders."

And of Zac, I commissioned "Yoshi eating Mario."

Woooo, support the arts!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Blade PUNner

Replicant Galoot
Yesterday afternoon, one of the Drawed Goods crew challenged me to do a Blade Runner illustration. So I did three. Of Leon Kowalksi.

When I asked myself "Which character from Blade Runner should I draw?" this guy immediately sprung up to the top of the list. I always thought of him as the quintessential "galoot." Look at that face!

Anyway, pne of the drawings is up on Drawed Goods, and features Leon (pictured above) in like at fast food chain McDeckard's. The second was drawn on the back of a receipt and left in a local pizzeria. I have a pic of it. And the third is, of course, posted above. Leon was never a replicant of many words.

OH, so tonight I finally finished watching Battlestar Gallactica. I loved everything (well, except the last five minutes) so much. SO SO MUCH. And I just found out that Edward James Olmos was the origami guy in Blade Runner! COINCIDENCE?