Thursday, November 18, 2010

Cher Gambit

Cher Gambit
After years of hearing people butcher the Cajun-French word "cher," amongst other expressions and phrases, Gambit finally snaps. Actually, the biggest offender is Gambit himself, circa the X-Men cartoon. Oh, "mon CHER," it'll be alright.

Actually, it's pretty entertaining to hear "Cajun" voice acting on television. Trust me, you don't really want genuine cajunspeak on there. But, since Gambit was one charming "Cajun" mutant, I'm perfectly fine with his vaguely-kinda-frenchish-drawl. It's much easier on the ears than hearing something like "Mais, dat mutin' dere is trowin' dem playin' cards fass fass, ya cher!"


  1. Mr Burt! Mr Burt! Awesomeness, sir. But I do have to say, I did not know that. I always thought it was pronounce 'share'. I should be ashamed, I know. I'll go stand in the corner now.