Saturday, November 28, 2009

I Am Not A Book

Shakespeare in Politics
Though it is tough to imagine ol' Will entangled the mess of modern politics, it definitely isn't impossible. Besides looking rather dapper in a suit and tie, Shakespeare certainly knew how to play the game. Politics are embroiled deep within the plots and subtext of many of his works (I just threw the world "embroiled" in there. Hope it fits.).

Enough, in sooth, to warrant an entire class on the subject. Continuing with the LaLouisiane-commissioned illustration series (first mentioned in the post below this one), here is an image representing the class "Shakespeare in Politics."

Shakespeare looks comfy in the classic Nixon pose, don't you think?

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Color of the Blues

I was commissioned by LaLouisiane magazine to do a series of four illustrations. Each illustration would represent a new course being offered by the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. The magazine selected a few of the new/interesting courses to which students have taken a shine.

The one above is for The Color of the Blues, which covers the influences of Blues music across our culture. I would have loved to have taken that course!

Featured above is Robert Johnson making a little pact with a certain character of ill repute.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Follow Your Appetite!

It's always fun when I get to illustrate things for work. This tasty treat was for BBR's Media & Vendor Breakfast, where we treat business associates to a nice breakfast to thank them for all their hard work. And so I was told to design a self-mailing piece for the occassion, and could do whatever I wanted.

So, naturally, I drew a pied-piper-ish chef leading an assortment of bipedal breakfast items. The bacon flute was a spontaneous, yet deliciously perfect, last-minute addition.

I experimented with a different illustration style to match the concept. I didn't think that contour lines and such would inspire the whimsical fun that the flat color shapes provide. I originally drew everything in black ink, scanned everything, and then colorized the different pieces in Photoshop. It was quite fun. But now I'm hungry.