Sunday, February 27, 2011

Locally Produced

EarthShare Gardens Poster
Here's a pro-bono poster design that I just wrapped up. Photoshop decided that it would flatten all of my layers and then save and quit. Luckily, the design was OK'd before that happened. Phew. I will have to create a direct mail invite out of it, so I'll have to go in and fight with the flattened artwork, but I guess it won't be SUPER BRUTAL.

Anyway, I really like how it came out. EarthShare Gardens is a local community garden that is hosting an upcoming fundraiser, which the poster and soon-to-be invitations will promote. Glad to help out!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Time for Some R&B

Ray Bradbury
Continuing my author series, here's Ray Bradbury. Another great science fiction writer, Bradbury has put out many great works.

SPEAKING OF "putting out,' this illustration was SLIGHTLY influenced by the internet video sensation "F*** Me, Ray Bradbury," which features song and dance and ladies going crazy for the author. I assume it's a sensation. I've heard at least three people mention it, and they all live in separate parts of the country!

Anyway, funny story: I had originally drawn a Starship Troopers bug on Bradbury's shoulder. And it looked good, but then I realized that I had my author list confused and I had to draw OVER the bug. Woops. But I think this works out for the better, anyway.

There's a Robert Heinlein illustration coming up, don't you worry. And There Will Be Bugs.

Well, I think I just found the title for THAT post.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Mordin & Grunt

Mordin & Grunt
Here are Mordin and Grunt enjoying a night off of the Normandy. When the universe is at stake, one isn't allowed much leave time. So, when the opportunity does present itself, the characters from Mass Effect 2 need to have a little fun. Or a lot of fun, depending on the character!

While illustrating this, I laughed at the idea of a buddy-cop "Mordin & Grunt" spin-off comic. They'd be the perfect match to produce hilarious results, right? And there would always be that genophage tension in the background. It'd be BRILLIANT, I say!

Ohhhhh, I can't wait until Mass Effect 3 comes outtttttt (if you can't tell).

Friday, February 11, 2011


Kurt VonnegutHere's my illustration of Kurt Vonnegut hard at work on his unfinished novel "Coffeehouse-Five."

Slaughterhouse-Five was my first foray into the quirky world of Vonnegut stories. I still think that my favorite of his novels is Mother Night. I remember being surprised on how much emotion it evoked. When thinking about KV's novels, I always first think of Kilgore Trout (whom I've drawn before) and then I sigh "Ohhh, Mother Night."

Always those two things, always in that order. Sometimes I'll throw in "Breakfast of Champions was SILLY!" or "I didn't like Galapagos much, but some people swear by it."

Haha, ANYWAY, I wanted to add a little quirky sci-fi element to this drawing—hence the hands. I'm thinking of doing a series of authors. Let me know if you want to suggest any!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Bishop Takes Pawn. And Creamer.

Walter Bishop
I've recently devoured the first two seasons of Fringe on DVD, and have concluded that Walter Bishop, played by the MAGNIFICENT John Noble, is one of the best characters ever created (and acted).

Good job to you sir. I toast my coffee mug to you.

For those of you not in the know, Walter Bishop was a brilliant (albeit slightly crazy) scientist who, by way of an experiment-gone-wrong, was rendered insane for 17 years. The "Fringe" division of the FBI dug him out to help investigate matters in "fringe science," an area in which Walter was well-versed.

Now, as you'd expect, it takes a little adjusting to go from a mental institution room to the wide, wide world of Boston. So Walter's son, Peter, is also brought in to "keep an eye on him."

It's great. You should be watching it, if you're not!