Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Time for Some R&B

Ray Bradbury
Continuing my author series, here's Ray Bradbury. Another great science fiction writer, Bradbury has put out many great works.

SPEAKING OF "putting out,' this illustration was SLIGHTLY influenced by the internet video sensation "F*** Me, Ray Bradbury," which features song and dance and ladies going crazy for the author. I assume it's a sensation. I've heard at least three people mention it, and they all live in separate parts of the country!

Anyway, funny story: I had originally drawn a Starship Troopers bug on Bradbury's shoulder. And it looked good, but then I realized that I had my author list confused and I had to draw OVER the bug. Woops. But I think this works out for the better, anyway.

There's a Robert Heinlein illustration coming up, don't you worry. And There Will Be Bugs.

Well, I think I just found the title for THAT post.


  1. Gotta say, I'm loving the author series! Reminds me of this blog I used to visit. Booksketch. Ever hear of it? Muwahaha. :)