Monday, July 19, 2010

Doodie Patrol

I helped brand a pretend-militia club thingie! Sarah and her friends call lame guys "Doodies." It's an adorable take on a major problem in society. You know the type: Guys that walk around in overly graphic tees and popped collars and say "Bruh!" a lot. That are a bit too forward with the womenfolk. That love Jagerbombs. That basically exist to annoy non-doodies. They're typically "swole out" and "ready to hit it." You know.

But you may NOT know that there are other types of Doodies than just the Bruhs. Sleazy Rockers and Jackleg Yuppies also qualify. Amongst others. Just always be on the lookout for toolbags, amirite? Not really that hard to spot. Just look around!

So, to unite unDoodies under a common banner, I created this silly logo. I hope it helps Sarah, her friends and all women out there who are looking for strength in numbers! Clean up the streets!

Fight the good fight, Doodie Patrol.

PS - The female Doodie is known as a "Doodette."


  1. BURTY, you're the BEST.

    Also, the anti-doodie.

  2. what is Sleazy Rockers and... Jackleg Yuppies???

  3. MITA! Is that YOU? I had to click on your profile to find out, hahaha.

  4. of course it's me.
    who else could it be....
    im such a trouble in blogland :D