Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Rodney Toad

The illustration above cannot be explained. Without using words. So here you go:

This past Saturday, before the awe-inspiring Andrew Bird show, some friends and I went to the Audubon Zoo in New Orleans. The animals were all asking for us, so we had to go.

I was wandering about the reptile/amphibian display with my friends Paul and Rodney. We were taking in all sorts of exotic and not-so-exotic creatures, all of whom were lounging in their display cases. After returning the blank gaze of some particularly lethargic lizards, we found ourselves face to face with some toads. We all cracked up: These toads had the most entertaining faces. So we instantly gave them a voice and started putting words in their mouths:

"Heyyy guyssssss, wwwwwwhat's up?"


"I like to parrrrty! I just lllllicked myself OOOoOoOo"


And then it was called to attention that the toads were actually making Rodney's trademark Rodney Face™. Similar to Baby Rodney™ and Rodney Cat™. And then it was agreed that Rodney Toad™ must be illustrated and logged into the annals of the internet.

So be it.

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