Thursday, February 5, 2009

Andrew Bird

Here's a poster I did for Andrew Bird's upcoming show at the House of Blues, New Orleans. I designed it as a personal project and to help promote the show. The music has influenced me greatly, to the point that I bought a violin and started taking lessons. I owe a lot to Mr. Bird and I thought this would be a good way to express my appreciation for the music. As well as come up with a nice portfolio piece.

Unfortunately, it was too costly to screen print. It was also too costly to digital print on nice paper. So I, for the moment, am stuck with just being able to post it online. Sorry, Mr. Bird. I did all I could.

Anyway, I started off making the silhouette and type in Illustrator. I printed out and traced everything with a Sharpie to get a hand-drawn feel, then scanned & vectored it. And voila.

Hope everyone likes it. I know I'll have a blast at the show! Ohhhh, that's in two days! Hahaha.


  1. The show was awesome. I couldn't get the poster printed because of costs...

    And I didn't hear back from Mr. Bird's manager and couldn't successfully contact the marketing director at the House of Blues. But at least I got a nice portfolio piece out of it, haha. Thanks for asking!