Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Rexworth, At Your Saurvice

I'd like you to meet a dear friend of mine:

Rexworth, my robot T-Rex butler.

I actually found him in early 2005 at some garage sale out in the middle of nowhere. Some kooky old inventor was getting rid of a ton of his old works. Crazy, right? There were all sorts of weird robots and animatronics, from bizarre giraffe-things to huge bulky humanoid androids that look like they could rest the world on their shoulders.

I was instantly drawn to Rexworth because of his top hat. There's just something about a dinosaur in old-school garb that is irresistible and oh-so charming. The inventor's assistant, a rather young boy, clued me in that Rexworth also serves a number of hot beverages through his tail. This, my friends, sealed the deal.

So, for a measly $50, I had a newfound companion. Rexworth gladly makes things that annoy me disappear very quickly. If I'm in need of a hot, tasty beverage, I have to look no further (rather, I have to look behind). And he is a very fuel efficient mode of transportation!

I think the tacked-on arms are a nice piece that I added on myself a few months after I picked him up. It adds a little character, and often gets giggles from the neighborhood children.

Onto a serious note, Rexworth has eaten many things that have caused me any hurt or trouble in the past. And in doing so, made my mind a little more at ease. I'd be selfish to keep this godsend all to myself, so I'll tell you what:

I usually give him Tuesdays and Thursdays off from his duties, so if you have need of him, please let me know. I'm sure he'll be glad to help out any of my friends. You don't have to feed or fuel him, since most things he eats gives him a recharge. And he won't ever ask for payment. He'll be glad to know he can ease your troubles a little, be it with a chomp or a freshly-made cup of hot chocolate.

How does that sound?


  1. B, this is awesome! I love his colorful backstory. And of course I love puns, so "saurvice" cracks me up.

  2. Thanks, C! I love Rexworth as much as I do Tuftuft, the Grizzly Mage. They're so fun.

  3. oh good gaaawd this is awesome! i'm really liking the wheels. might i borrow him for some roller derby activities?

  4. Yes, I'll pencil you in on the schedule. How does this Thurday at 7pm sound?

  5. i don't feel like cleaning my house. does he vacuum?

  6. also, i like his argyle knee socks.

  7. I believe I read in his instruction manual that his tongue doubles as a handy-vac.