Thursday, February 19, 2009


I made this illustration in time to post it to this week's Illustration Friday theme, "Celebrate." I was doubtful that it would happen, so actually making the deadline is reason in itself to celebrate.

To do so, I'll go out and spend money on groceries so that I can eat.

The drawing is of a red velvet wine cake. I guess first you'd eat the top and then drink the velvety wine-juice afterwords? Hahaha.


  1. I am very sorry, Red Wine-Velvet Cake. I posted you too late, and now no one has gotten a chance to see/eat you.

    Don't worry, my stomach still loves you dearly. You shall not go to waste.

  2. I see you Red Wine-Velvet Cake. And you look yummy!

  3. Yummu. Red Velvet cake is one of my favorites.