Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Illustration Friday - Adapt

Where are the cowboys of yesteryear?

With the West thoroughly explored, one can no longer "go" there, young man. Cowboys have been replaced by shepherd dogs, which were replaced by robot shepherd dogs, which were quickly replaced by super-smart whip-wielding babies.

The true cowboy spirit, however, shall never die out. Hardcore enthusiasts kept the tradition alive by adapting to worldly changes. What's left to explore? Well, the deep sea, of course. Cowscuba riders and beacheros boldly navigated uncharted waters on genetically altered giant-sea-horses (it was deemed most appropriate). Returning from a long day underwater, our adventurers would retire to their coral corrals.

That only whet the appetite of the adapting cowboys, however. The largest "West" still lay ahead. Or, rather, above. Actually, in every direction: SPACE.

They were dubbed Cowbonauts, since "Astroboy" was already taken and legally secured. Since the universe is expanding, their explorations and tales of zero-G derring-do were infinite. Though they embraced many new technologies, cowbonauts were often seen sporting the attire of traditional cowboys of times past. These throwbacks help remind the cowbonauts of their heritage and calling.

Cowbonaut Chantey: "Saddle-ites In Space"
Though-oh-we may have traded colts,
For these buckets full of bolts,
That eat not, want not, drink not- Nay!
But sure still pack a jolt!


And-oh-you may note this as well,
We've ditched that cattle smell,
Which suits us fine (Oh, we don't mind!),
Let's hear that cowboy yell!




  1. Now thats what I call ADAPT!! The attire is my favourite part!

  2. In space no one can hear you scream Yee-Ha!

    nice illo.

  3. Right! "Yee-haw!" is the yell I wanted to include. I'll make that change. Thanks!

  4. Really nice one, a really great interpretation about the subject!


  5. Totally out-of-this world take on the theme :)

  6. Definitely a giant step for mankind! ;)

  7. great texture and the detail once u click and zoom into the picture.

  8. Extremely cool rendering here.


  9. Yes sir. Drawn originally with a brush pen in my moleskin. Scanned, and then colorized in Photoshop. Added texture, as well. :D