Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Illustration Friday - Craving

The Babeknight
During times of chivalry and damsels-in-distress, clashing swords and splintered lances, there quested a tiny hero.

The common-folk (and common-babies) referred to him as the "Babeknight," probably because he was both a baby and a knight.

In times that toddlers terrorized territories, the Babeknight was often called upon to help rid the land of stinky/cranky evil.

In contrast to his cutesy appearance, the Babeknight was actually quite ruthless in his quest for the Sippy Grail. He longed to find it and drink milk from it. He pursued clues for it tirelessly, with except for five naps a day. Though he craved the Grail, his quest never made him power-hungry. Instead, he remained only normally-hungry, on a diet of formula and mashed carrots.

Wielding his rattle-mace, the Babeknight felled many foes (many of them older and larger than himself.) He once fooled King Myron of the Shady Vale (whom was rumored to know the whereabouts of a map to the Grail) by pretending to need a burping. Once the King picked him up and began patting, our valorous knight dealt a swift baby-chop to the King's neck, incapacitating him. The ensuing search did not yield the map; instead, the Babeknight found an ample supply of blankees and hand-sewn rabbit dolls. Oh, happy day! He then had to be changed by a nearby nursemaid.

Oh, and he rode a feline steed. Oh, and the Babeknight is in no way affiliated with the Children's Crusade. No, sir.

Tales of the Babeknight resounded far and wide until the times led the world West. Exploration and over-sea voyages opened new routes and new doors for strange and wondrous tales. Out of these, a new mythical figure arose. With the claiming of new lands in the name of Spain, the Conquistadorable One made his name. But that is a tale for another time.


  1. Babeknight is quite the charmer. When he finds the Sippy Grail will he tote it on his head?

    Conquistadorable is right, B!
    Love his binkie and his cross-eyed cat!


  2. Wow you've got an amazing sense of color!

  3. Conquistadorable has cute diapers!

  4. haha. very nice! i love that the rattle-mace has a smiley face on it. so tough for such a badass youngun.

  5. Lovely, as usual, Burt. I envy your skills

  6. But the cat enjoys it! He does it willingly. You know how cats are.

  7. hihi... nice post, the story sets it of perfectly!

  8. Your posts are always a treat to read. Great job!