Saturday, June 13, 2009

Deep Sea, Deep Space

Here's my latest t-shirt design. It's actually been completed for a while; I just haven't been able to comp it up on a shirt until now.

The shirt concept is a logistical nightmare: having a drive-by high-five between an astronaut and a scuba diver. But once they figured it out, the high-five was totally necessary.

I spec'd it to be glittery gold and silver ink on a black shirt. Black for deep space AND deep sea. Two blacks for the price of one shirt.

Let me know what you think! I'll submit it to Threadless soon and keep everyone posted on when the scoring starts.

Here's a detail shot:


  1. i was searching for the 'like' link, ha. anyway, dig it! very, very cool mr durand.

  2. This is bloody awesome! A high-five for the witty design :)

  3. Cool illustration!
    We should send the next astronauts in the space with these t-shirts.. as a message of peace and friendship!

  4. Haha, a message to WHOM??

    I'm up for that idea. It means they'll have to print my t-shirt :D