Thursday, June 18, 2009

Illustration Friday - Unfold

Straining his smallish mind and flexing his biggish muscles, Krogar decided he would play his hand, after all.

The card dealer wisely let him unfold, and finished the round with a nervous tic.

"Three-of-a-Kind beats your High Three." said the dealer.

RIP Harold "Palmy" Palmetto
He dealt to the best;
Is now laid to rest.
It was in the cards.


  1. hee hee... his arm cuffs are ribs! And he has a skull cap!
    Krogar is one tough cookie, B!


  2. ... motion of the head to the left? so, this is what you did at sketch group. well, if i didn't feel completely outclassed before. got some crazy detail up in this one. nice!

  3. I would be nervous to play against Kogar! :)