Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Pact of Seasons

A couple of week ago I ventured out to Hobby Lobby to replenish my art supplies. Before I got to the art section, however, I found that there exists a section with little figures. Cowboys, Indians, Pirates, Soldiers, Horses, Dinosaurs, etc. I was very impressed.

I saw that they had a few knights. One of the knights had a stag head mounted to the top of his helmet. This, being pretty intense, caught my eye. I then noticed that there were moose figures. My brain put the two together and then my hands literally put them together. It had to be done. It was too perfect. So then I found a white kingly knight and matched him up with a regal-looking white polar bear.

I purchased these four items, not knowing that I would eventually be drawing them. I did, however, think up a story on the way home:

The Pact of Seasons
It widely believed that the oldest struggle on Earth is Good vs. Evil. But, though it may be hard to believe, there exists an even older contest.

As long as our Sun has burned, but long (longggg) before orbits and cycles were understood and science embraced, the Earth has been contested by the spirits of Summer and Winter. In the early years, the planet's surface was in constant turmoil because of the quest for dominance. Summer wished to irradiate warmth throughout even the deepest caverns, while Winter wished even the deepest oceans to be frozen.

Keep in mind, there was no life yet on earth to be affected. The Earth seemingly just existed for the sport of the two opposing spirits.

Somewhere along the line, however, life was created. Maybe it was because of an especially spectacular bout between the rivals, or the force of some magic instilling life into the ground. Plants sprung up amongst the chaos. Soon afterwards very, very small creatures were peeking their heads out from cracks in the surface.

Winter and Summer took notice of their audience. Once aware that they had inadvertently created life as a byproduct of their struggle, they now felt wholly responsible. A pact was made to dispel any chance that sparring would end the life which they had created.

It was agreed that the annual cycle of the sun would be split in twain, with each party reigning for half of a year. Of course, because of their furiously competitive natures, the exchange date of the power would always be in flux. Impatience and greed usually added or took away from the deal a little. Some years would be exceptionally heated, while others would be predominantly frigid. But on average, the two spirits kept to the deal, and life flourished.

Throughout the different ages of Earth and Dinosaur and Man, Summer and Winter have grown fond of taking the form of whatever life-form is most dominant at the time. In these guises, they will hold contests to match strengths on a tangible battlefield. For example, in what is known as the Jurassic age, they would often assume the role of Tyrannosauruses and chomp it out. Much later, they would assume the position of knights on a chivalrous battlefield. There have also been dogfights in the skies, naval battles in the sea, and laser-blastings via rockets in space.

Of course, one can feel the struggle continuing, be it through a sweaty forehead or the chattering of teeth! Tell-tale signs of the never-ending rivalry.

Here are some pictures that Merlin snapped during the Middle Ages. He was using magical future camera technology.


  1. Dude, I wanna ride around on a polar bear. Make that happen!

    They'll be extinct soon enough so what will nature choose for the next epic battle?

    I'm putting my money on impish cody-s.

  2. Hey!
    I'm so excited to see this in color! The warm and cool colors really add to the drama!
    Great story too, B!


  3. This is awesome! Very clever story. Who knew those action figures would be so inspirational!?

  4. Good stuff...The Illustration and the story makes me wonder if L Ron Hubbard was a creative illustrator, and if you just invented