Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Illustration Friday - Cracked

The Race Across The Rotundra

There's a little-known race that features an even littler-known group of giants referred to as "Der Biggins". In exchange for large quantities of sustenance (mass needs to amass mass to stay massive), Der Biggins agree to participate in the Rotundra Race.

Using bobsleds as skates, Der Biggins are pushed along by four men (two per "skate"). There must be some cooperation between all parties, since guiding any Biggin over a frozen lake would result in, well, mucho crackage. Everyone, including Der Biggins, must be on the lookout for any obstacles in their collective paths.

The race is about thirty miles, or until appetites flare up.


  1. haha!
    I love the little guys being thrown into the air!
    and it even feels chilly...

    Great job, B!


  2. Great illustration, looks very cold.

  3. Somehow this illustration reminds of Ursula and the Marshmallow Man in Ghostbusters. I love how you rendered this, looks like subzero!

  4. Hmm, he DOES look like an Ursula and Stay Puft love-child!

  5. the thumbnail really knocked this out of the park! but jeez, that perspective is wicked. i want to scream 'tiiiiiiimber'.

  6. I Love this drawing. The movement in it is prety great.

  7. Coincidently a TV personality in England during the 80's was named Christopher Biggins, and was not unlike your illustration!

    Geniune laughs reading this and I love the rag doll blokes being tossed skyward.

  8. For a guy that size he looks pretty elegant skating... love it!!