Friday, May 22, 2009

Paper, Spock, Scissors

Here's an illustration of Mr. Spock spocking some up-and-coming Vulcan students. "Spocking" is the Vulcan equivalent of "owning." FYI. Since Paper/Rock/Scissors is a game that can't really be won by logic, Spock ensures victory by playing his might trump card: the Vulcan salute.

The pupils, not willing to say that paper nor rock nor scissors are more powerful than their cultural symbol of prosperity, have no choice but to admit defeat. They may have lost this round, but they have gained a valuable lesson of thinking outside-the-box.

I'm actually going to include the black/white version. I love how it looks sans color; you can see how the illustration started off. This one was all pen (brush and Micron) and then colored in Photoshop.


  1. I like the little Spocklet on the far left.
    He looks a little confused!

    great as usual, B


  2. he looks like he should be saying "check it."

    mmmm, i loved the new star trek, too. more than i thought i would.

  3. Hi Burt! thanks for stopping by and posting a comment. Love this Star Trek drawing - made me laugh.

  4. hehehe....makes me think of an alternative to paper, rock, scissors that me and my cousin devised. It's called Fire, Rain, Jazz Fingers....way more fun than the traditional version!