Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Show Must Go On!

Here are some more characters that I created for the show I described in the previous post. Enjoy!

The Grannystander
A master of balancing, she is shown carefully balancing her medicine bottles in the air. She's been training for years, so for her it's not really a hard pill to swallow.

Whether he's jumping from the top of a tent or a stack of 20 elephants, the Grandparachutist always lands softly on his feet. Or, rather, his hands. And to add to the spectacle, he likes balancing breakable objects precariously!

Seacil, the Wonder Seal
Seacil is one of the few seals that doesn't mind wearing a tu-tu around his neck, be it from good training or poor fashion sense. In the actual scene, Seacil will act as a stand and will balance a shelf on his nose!


  1. heheh :D
    The Grannystander is awesome!

  2. 人生之中,比冒險更危險的一件事:不去冒險。