Friday, April 30, 2010

The Greatest Show on Earth

No, I'm not talking about LOST or Battlestar, I'm talking about the CIRCUS. And/or a carnival. Because that's the theme of this post. Though I may tempt myself to meander into a LOST discussion...

A couple weeks ago I was contacted by my friend Katie. She asked if I'd be interested in helping one of her fellow students out with some illustrations for a booth. Once I found out that the art would include carnival themes and old people, you knew I jumped on that. Drawing those oldies is always a hoot.

So the mission was to create a few grannies and grandpas that are still very active in a circus environment. They were then made into plush dolls that would be adhered to an illustrated carnival background. Here's what I came up with:

Granny Suspenders holds herself aloft in the hair by sheer strength of her dentures. She "bites" onto a rope that hands down from the tent ceiling and wows the audience with her endurance. Note: The rope isn't pictured here because it's drawn into the background scene, which I'll show later.)

The Trapgeeze Artist has many, many years experience soaring on his trapeze (not pictured here) high above the ground. Though his 'stache isn't very aerodynamic, it sure does add flare.

Our beloved Unigranny gracefully rides across the stage on a tightrope. The years have given her a little extra gyroscopic balancing support, as you can see.

Our eccentric Ringleader takes delight in announcing every act for the audience. And his handy-dandy megaphone doubles as a Beethoven-style earpiece/sound amplifier.

The Grannonball knows exactly how one should be shot out of a cannon and into a pool of trick dolphins. You'll see what I mean when I post the actual booth artwork!

OK! So those are our main attractions. Like I mentioned, they will be made into fun plush dolls. I may wait to show the scene until I get pictures of the finished product. I'll keep you posted, though!

Let me know which is your favorite, and come up with a little sidestory for him or her, if you'd like. :D


  1. ahahahahahah :D lol
    i cant stop laughing here, this is freakin funny!!!

  2. my fave one: The Trapgeeze Artist ;))

  3. HAHA, thanks Mita! There may actually be more on the way. And I'll soon post the scene that they will be in, as well.

    I think Unigranny is my favorite. She's a talented lady!

  4. oh come on you guys. grannonball ftw! either way, well done, sir. these are great.