Monday, April 5, 2010

Striking Chords

A couple of weeks ago at the Creative Summit, I started this illustration in my moleskine while waiting in between guest speakers. Not really sure why. The idea to draw Elvis Costello jamming with Jimi Hendrix just popped into my mind. And as it progressed, I decided that it'd be neat if their guitars were jacked into each other. Awesome music = awesome music, right? Very different music styles, but both very influential. I'll let you pull your own concept out of it. That's what art is about, eh? Or, at least one aspect of it.

Anyway, I really like how it came out. I'd say it is one of my favorites! And I have it saved at SUPER high quality, just in case.



  1. Hendrix is playing that guitar...inverted. Quote from Iceman in Top Gun.

  2. oh!!!!!!!!!!
    i'll be back later!!!!!

  3. HAHA, where did you go?? What's happening?!?! AHHHHH!

  4. im here im here!!!
    my work is driving me crazy, im sorry :D
    but im here now!

  5. this is awesome! I wish I could say more, but it is all so AWESOME!
    thanks for sharing this!!!!

  6. Haha, Mita, what do you DO, exactly? What is this mysterious "non-artistic" work at which you have hinted?

    And thank you for the wonderful compliment!

  7. Awesome music = awesome music, yes completely agree, heheh :D

  8. duuuude! this is so amazing. definitely one of my favorites. if you feel like selling a print, you know where to find me.