Friday, April 16, 2010

Goes Down Smooth

Funnnnnn. I just did an illustration for an RFP that we just sent out today. I love when I get to do illustrations at work! We were looking for a clean, tropical look, as opposed to the flagrant/gaudy tropicalness that a bunch of places gravitate towards. This isn't a "typical" Burt style, but I'd like to think I'm a pretty malleable illustrator. We really like how it came out, so hopefully the potential client will, as well. :D

Sidenote: I wore a very, very tropical strip of fabric as a headband while working on this RFP. It had many, many parrots on it.


  1. This isn't a "typical" Burt style :))
    i know.
    but still you're my fave!

  2. Looks really cool even if it ain't your typical, I know. The colors go very well together. I'm guessing the headband came in handy:) I'm sure the client will love it!