Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Big Finale

NO, this isn't going to be about LOST. I'm sure we'll all be talking about that show enough in the next two weeks, AMIRITE?

I had to quickly create one last granny character for the show I've been mentioning in the past few blog posts. Here she is:

Meet Ms. Grannysplitz. She's an aerial acrobatics master, as you can see. On her way up, she grabbed a prop from nearby and is holding it for all to see.

YOU'LL see once I put up some pictures of the entire scene, haha.

Now that all the characters are complete, go ahead and tell me which character you like best! :D


  1. and you continue and you continue :D hahaha
    btw what is Donny talking about?
    is he talking dirty?

  2. Probably! Someone posted a similar comment on one of his blogs the other day and I commented "Donny, I agree completely with the comment above." Just to be silly, haha.