Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Lemi Shine On!

Here are the second and third illustrations done for my friend Jody's design school project. Again, the concept is to illustrate that one can really tell the difference when using Lemi Shine to clean residue left by hard water in dishwashers.

My personal favorite of the three shows Lemi Shine being sprinkled in front of a "dirty mouth."

The third illustration features Lemi Shine passing in front of a grimy work boot. The tamest of the three, but still gets across the same "Wow, look at the contrast!" feel (on a slightly less zany level).


  1. ahhh Burt!!!!!!!!!
    do you know what i like the most about these 2 illos and the Lemi Shine and you?
    they remind me of one of my fave songs: Shine on you crazy diamond.

    (im not saying you are crazy... well maybe... a bit... you are pretty crazy making those AWESOME illossss!)

    well done Burt!

  2. I think you just called me crazy!

    GEE THANKS MITA. Hahaha.