Saturday, May 15, 2010

Burnin' Rubber Gloves

Here's the first in a series of three illustrations I was commissioned to do by my friend Jody. One of her final school projects has her taking the role of an art director who must search out a photographer or illustrator to help produce a magazine ad. The concept is that this cleaning product, Lemi Shine, cleans so well that it has the power to morph even the dirtiest of images. I may have gone a BIT overboard with the zaniness factor, but I think it still fits the concept, haha.

All that being said, I guess that Lemi Shine actuall does fit into the current Illustration Friday theme of "Equipment," since you'd need some heavy-duty equipment to tidy-up this fellow. AMIRITE?


  1. Hahaha! That's very clever... And what a suspicious looking guy, I might add! :D

  2. This is fantastic, what a hoot, do you think this stuff would shiny up my life too? SOLD!

  3. Jerry Garcia would be proud! Nice work. hehehe! :o)

  4. good morning Burt, how are you today?
    so glad to be here and seeing your new illo!
    i love this concept as well, of course i know that you're so smart! ;))

  5. btw you can be the moon if you want

  6. i think i can reach you, heheh... :D
    are you still busy?

    hope you're doing good, see you later!

  7. of i forgot to say: i added a link to your blog.
    do you mind?
    tell me ok, will take it off soon if you mind.
    no worries ;))

  8. are you here????
    heheh... of course im awesome and so are you.
    we are both awesome! :D

  9. dont forget to let me know ok!
    off to work now.
    see you soon.

    cant wait to see your other 2 posts!

  10. Ahhh! This is awesome! Great work!

  11. Thanks, everyone! I'll post the other two illustrations after work. Mita, that'll be around 6am your time, haha. UNLESS I'm sneaky and can come home for lunch and do it.

    But I do have to go pick up the new Black Keys album. Yeahhh! So that's my lunch break right there.