Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Space, where no man has golfed before.

Or, at least that is what I thought when I started drawing this. And then, as the illustration neared completion, I thought "You know, someone has to have drawn this before."

Which led to a quick Google search. Which led to me discovering that astronaut Alan Shepard had actually played golf on the Moon. Well, crap. Golfstronauts.

You know, I think deep down I had known this. And last week's Illustration Friday theme, "Infinite," triggered this image in my head. And I just didn't connect the two. Unfortunately, this is not an original concept, haha. And also unfortunately, I missed the deadline to submit the illustration!

And yet, fortunately, I have thought of a pun for it:

What's an astronaut's favorite golf club?
A hyper-driver.

Ehhh??? EH??? Yeah, buddy.

Also, check out this new and fun astronaughty comic: Loneliest Astronauts


  1. Great drawing Burt! :) I have yet submit mine anyway. :D

  2. brilliant randomness..as always. :) thank you

  3. this is amazing!

    btw, the butterbeer was terrible! i made it at work and we didn't have butterscotch so we used caramel instead and it was an awful idea. but imma gonna have a harry potter christmas party this winter so i'll try it out again then. ha.