Saturday, September 19, 2009

Side Stitch - A Design Comedy

Working at BBR Creative means that I get a chance to write a blog once every so often and post it on the blog portion of our site. When initially concepting what I wanted to do for my blog, I figured that I would draw something and then write about it. Just to promote being creative in your free time, as well as at work.

Since I recently drew a silly comic and liked how it turned out, I decided that I'd draw a comic for my blog. Of course, I had to make it relate to my job in some sense. It couldn't just be a comic about cats having a party or something.

And so Side Stitch was born. "Side stitching" being a rather low-cost binding technique where you just put a booklet or group of pages together and staple near an edge to hold it together. It also, of course, is a play on "stitch in your side."

The premier comic features a supervillain holding the world's logos ransom. He imposes his demands upon the League of Extraordinary Advertisers & Desigers (LEAD), who quickly shoot down his dastardly plot.

I'll hopefully be doing a Side Stitch comic each time my turn to blog comes around. Be on the lookout for more!

Click the thumbnail above to open the comic at actual size.