Monday, September 28, 2009

Birdwatching, Pt. 2

Andrew Bird will be playing this Saturday (October 3) at Tipitina's in New Orleans. I've had my ticket for months. And this drawing has been done for months. Unfortunately, I've just gotten around to finishing it. Though I won't have time to print this out, the least I can do is post it online.

I'll state again that Mr. Bird is my favorite musician and was my inspiration to buy a violin and start learning how to play it. That instrument is quite a noble beast.

If you haven't heard any music by him, I implore you to check some out. His earlier works are very old-school jazzy, while his newer albums have drifted farther from that, into more of his own genre of violin, guitar and quirk rock. I'm not sure "rock" is the term to use. Eh, why not? Listen to Fake Palindromes and tell me it doesn't rock. I dare you.


  1. oh the lovely fake palindromes! oh it does rock alright ... as does the illustration. well done!

  2. I am glad you put it online as I am now planning on driving from Dallas to go and see the show. Andrew is just that awesome.