Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Locke & Load

I remember, at some point in time around Season 2 of LOST, a group of us were at our usual Wednesday night LOST meet-&-watch, and I suggested that each of the show's characters should have their own catch-phrases. For example, Jack would say something extremely corny like "You just got JACKED UP!" after he'd punch an Other or something. And Locke would say "Locke and load!" before heading off into the wilderness. You know, things of that nature.

Anyway, here's the first in the LOST illustration series: John Locke. I always figured he was superhumanly strong to carry around boars, especially since he isn't exactly a spring chicken anymore. Right? Boars MUST weigh a ton.

I've always been a Locke supporter, even when people started to complain about him in Seasons 2 & 3. His character has gone through so much! He's so top-tier! He and Ben are my two favorites; it is perfect that they are so tied together.

Illustrated here is Season One Locke. Complete with dinner!


  1. duuuuuude! this is awesome!! and i say that in all honesty as a through-and-through, long-time locke hater. :)

  2. As a fan of lost I can appreciate this illustration a lot.

  3. really great drawing! is it watercolor? looks neat.

  4. Fun drawing! Like the big head style.

  5. Great job. I'll try to remember to put in a link tomorrow in my post.

  6. ArtSparker, I just posted Sayid as well!

    Thanks for the comments, everyone! :D