Saturday, October 10, 2009


Let me start off by saying that I hate drawing vehicles. I have never, EVER been good at it. My cars always come out looking like they belong in the '70s. Maybe I should try using reference photos sometime.

Surprisingly, I found myself drawing this during Sketchgroup a few weeks ago. Maybe because my friend Matt (who was sitting across from me) has a scooter. Maybe because of the show FLCL. Maybe because I felt like drawing a girl on a rocket-powered scooter. Who knows. I actually like how the scooter came out, though!

The rest (ninjas) just kind of came about just now when I was coloring in Photoshop. I was trying to incorporate some background, and the blob I drew sort of looked like a ninja, so I just went with it.

It has a certain Kill Billian vibe to it, eh? Ah well. An interesting experiment!


  1. i like it. :) i'll quote you, when i get asked to draw vehicles again. i have the same problem with drawing them as you claim to have ;)

  2. I'll be uploading a Halloween illustration soon that demonstrate my '70s car ability.

  3. great experiment! ninjas are awesome.

    i cannot draw cars either.