Saturday, October 17, 2009

Ogre the Top

A couple weeks ago at Sketchgroup I decided that it was high-time to get into the Howloween spirit. (NOTE: "Howloween" is the monster name for our Halloween.) So this illustration leaked out of my pen. Monsters are usually known to feed on unsuspecting humans, but for one night out of the year their tastes turn to the sweet offerings of Halloween candy. Now, if acquiring candy happens to involve consuming a Trick-or-Treater or two, then so be it.

You know, maybe since everyone is in costume, they don't really view it as eating "humans." You know? Kind of like if you go around a forest in hunting season dressed as a deer. You're kind of asking for it. I guess Trick-or-Treaters should wear fluorescent orange vests over their costumes to alert the monsters to their presence.

Anyway, so the demon-spawn ogre here has just procured a plastic jack-o-lantern full off sugary goodness. He squats on a nearby car to enjoy his delectables. Earlier in the night, he happened upon a entire bag of Circus Peanuts, which threw him into a terrible rage. Luckily, one of his monster cohorts plugged an entire caramel apple into his mouth, which soothed his bloodrage. Disaster averted, Howloween continued with surprisingly little ruckus.

I'll let the ogre naming rights go to you. First come, first serve. Be creative!


  1. what do you have against Circus Peanuts?

    mmmm, circus peanuts!

  2. it seems like he's sneaking that candy without proper parental inspection for razor blades and such. even ogres are subject to such halloween trickery. great illustration!