Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Dirty Jokes

Last week, my friend Zach asked me if I would like to design a poster/flyer for an upcoming comedy show featuring himself and another one of my friends, Tim. I said yes, of course, and was then elated to hear the name of the show:

"Dirty Jokes with Tim Landry and Zach Broussard"

Within two minutes I had the concept and rough illustration in my head. I'll let you play with the image/wordplay. I decided that I wanted to make this a one-color screenprint, so I went ahead and ordered some screenprinting supplies. Finally taking that plunge.

So what you see above is basically a comp of what the final printed poster will look like. The ink will be black-brown on top of a gray-tan-green paper stock (I'm doing everything possible to give it a "dirty" feel). The posters will be about 10x19 inches. They actually won't have the distressed edges; that's just for the web promotion.

Quite a fun project, wouldn't you say? If you'll be around Lafayette on December 26, come check out the show. They are funny dudes!


  1. excellent concept and great design. I do a lot of screenprinting-it's a ton of work, but extremely rewarding and fun!

    fantastic blog, by the way.

  2. holy crap, this is incredible and i'd love to see the print. i'm going to be attempting my first print soon. i'm trying it with a smaller screen, one color. where did you get/are you getting the materials for the larger print?

  3. The screen, hinge clamps and squeegie from and the ink and other items from