Wednesday, April 29, 2009


And they said it couldn't be done. "A opossum? Those are ugly. Really ugly. You are going to be an ugly oposum. You can't draw a cute one."

Well, I think this one is rather adorable. Reading upside-down and all. I think that I would be considerably sad if you said otherwise.

Sidenote: While I actually did not enjoy reading "A Tale of Two Cities," I very much enjoyed making a pun out of the title!

Thus continues the silly Burtimal Self Portrait series. What's next?!?!


  1. ok, so i've only seen ONE cuter- we have a wildlife rehab license, and a farm, and used to take care of animals that had been injured/orphaned. we had this baby opossum we called nubby, because she'd lost half her tail. and she was like a kitty. but she could not hang upside down, or read books for that matter. regardless, this is indeed adorable :)

  2. Wow B!
    Definitely cute opossum...
    Love his little hind feet!


  3. i think we have my favorite burtimal. i didn't already give that designation to another yet, did i? eek. so, when's the burtimoose or the wild burt hog? ha.

  4. omg u make such a cute possum! i want to squeeze ur cheekies

  5. Flo?!?! Sean! It's not what you think! Nooooo!