Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Illustration Friday - Fleeting

For this week's IF theme, Fleeting, I thought I should illustrate some concept that involved actual air or navy fleets.

And then I figured "Heck, might as well draw both kinds of fleets. Fleets? Is that the plural?" Yes, this is an actual thought transcript, I think.

And then I decided to add "a fleeting thought" to the concept to double things up. How could I mix all of these things together? And, might I add, much more random flying/swimming things, such as a pirate ship and an Arwing from the Starfox series. Yes, I did just mention Starfox.

Lately I've been looking back at old characters I've created. I decided that my illustration would involve my old inventor, from my animation Invent that I hand-drew and put together my senior year of college. He would have just thought of what would be his crowning invention, the pinnacle of all his years tinkering away, when everything else inside of his head decides against it and wrecks his thought. Thus, deconstructing his grand idea into a fleeting memory.

I never gave him a name. I'll name him now. I think he should be called Dr. Mattias Emory.

What the name means to me: Well, I was really looking for a inventorly name, first off. Then I wanted to play upon the theme that was present in the animation and in this illustration: Even great minds, which can invent the most wondrous things, are susceptible to ailments (such as memory loss).

So I wanted to, of course, play with the word "memory." Which led to M. Emory.

I initially picked "Mattias" because i thought it fit his face and character, and upon looking up the origin/definition, it says it means "Gift of God," which is actually the most perfect fit. Dr. Emory is a creator, after all.

Haha, I'm really pleased with how that name exercise worked out, especially since it was my first stab and took less than a minute.

Hope you enjoy the illustration and the concept!


  1. B...

    Mattias is wonderful! I loved looking at all of the details...
    I found a key... and a bowling pin...

    But my favorite is the whale in the thought bubbles!

  2. Hahaha, there is also a hidden clown face!

  3. awesome burt. like the name especially. :)

  4. Everyone I know who has that first name just sits around and picks his toes all day long, but the drawing is pretty good. I love how playful it is, sometimes the greatest ideas escape us.

  5. I knew that was Mattias the second I saw him. I hate to quote the Internet, but this picture is made of so much win. Is that early Telsa armor!?!?

  6. (yay!) donny gets a new desktop background. good one!

  7. i love the caveman on the pterodactyl!! :) another great sketch, sir.

  8. Love this illustration! The Fleets, fleeting thought, Mattias... It's got it all.
    Great work!

  9. This is great, I really love all the little unexpected details like the dragon.

  10. Excellent concept! Well done in all respects.

  11. wow there is so much going on it is really incredible, I like the use of white.
    The caveman flying on the dinosaur is so cool!