Thursday, April 9, 2009

Babies Vs. Bunnies

A few days ago this idea popped into my head:

"What if things got switched up a bit and a giant Easter bunny went around hiding human babies in the grass for little bunnies to find?"

That's it. My mind went straight to that. No beating around the bushy tails. I'd say it took about nine hours from that concept's incubation until its hatching onto Draw, Burt, Draw! I did get carried away (as usual), but I knew from the start that I was going to get a bunch of kicks out of this.

There's a baby trying to eat a squirrel, for baby-crying out loud! Babies riding animals! There is even a secret, hidden baby.

I was having an in-depth discussion with my friend (a fellow illustrator) Denis about the outcome of a war between babies and bunnies. I've spontaneously decided to write a backstory for this epic idea:

The Adorable, Yet Oppressively Stinky War
After peace talks had failed multiple times, and the dispute over supplies of mashed carrots had come to a head, war was declared globally between all of bunny and babykind. There could be no pacifistic solution (all of the baby pacifiers were long gone, due to a daring raid on a large stockpile in Paris by a multi-national troupe of multi-colored rebel rabbits earlier in the year).

Following countless skirmishes in the Americas, Southern Asia and Western Europe, a decisive battle was fought. This major encounter became later known as the Battle of the Bulging Diaper. Armies ten thousand strong amassed for each side. Knowing the importance of this particular fight, both sides started each other down for days, waiting to see who would make the first move. Corporal Blankie Pinkbottom later chronicled these tense times leading up to the battle in his novel, The Day That Changed Our Lives, And Our Diapers. What follows is an excerpt, translated from baby-talk by a team of scholars:

"We were all hungry, tired, thirsty and needed changing in a bad way. My regiment knew the big moment was coming, and we could feel destiny taking baby steps towards us. I want to go nap-nap."

The Battle of the Bulging Diaper commenced when a bottle-rocket accidentally went off and shot into the sky. Taking this as an offensive maneuver, the rabbit army charged the front, catching the babies off guard. Rallying their second line, and water balloon artillery, the babies soon regained ground, taking only minor injuries. What follows is another excerpt from Corporal Pinkbottom's account:

"Did those furskins think we'd give up that easily? Do they not KNOW what we babies are made of? Do they expect us to crawl around on our hands and knees, begging for mercy, crying for mommy? Pah, I spit-up in their faces."

War was cutely waged for a few minutes before both rabbit and baby alike started wailing. The piercing cry of twenty thousand irritated soldiers caused both armies to cease offensive action and enter into truce talks. The battlefield was slowly cleared. On a sidenote, the battlefield cleanup took months. Can you imagine twenty-thousand poop factories in one place for an extended period of time?!?!

The Aftermath (Afternap)
The terms of the truce were simple and giggle-inducing. The babies were to supply the rabbits with a goodly supple of mashed veggies and juice boxes, while the rabbits would dish out free bunnyback rides upon any infant's request. Paw met chubby hand at a formal dinner and the two heads of the armies agreed on peace and peas.

Nibbles Hairrington, one of bunnykind's most revered diplomats, proclaimed the truce to be one of the greatest moments in recent history. At least, that is what bunny-talk specialists tell us. It was mostly just blinks and hops. But an excerpt from the transcribed "speech" sheds some light on the rabbits' point of view:

"As the literal cries of both babe and bun alike slowly waned with the daylight, a different sort or cry took its place. A cry of rejoicing; lament was no longer welcome. Differences aside, babe and bun have come together on this night, lowered their warring arms, and embraced one another in loving arms.

Embrace this moment, all. For it simply isn't enough to be adorable. One must also adore."

Thus ended the cutest struggle that has ever swept this planet. On a sidenote, Corporal Blankie Pinkbottom was decorated with several medals for displaying incredible feats of babery during the Battle of the Bulging Diaper. He was immediately promoted to Sergeant and put in charge of his own platoon, which he immediately branded as "The Terrible Tykes." They have gone on to be one of the Baby Army's most respected and accomplished platoons.

This, of course, has nothing directly to do with the illustration, which is obviously post-truce.

In Conclusion
I had a great time drawing this, as you can probably tell. If you'd like a higher resolution version, let me know; it's hard to see all of the details in this web version.

OH! And be sure to leave a comment answering this question:

Which is your favorite baby illustrated here?

Have a happy Easter!


  1. i think i like the one riding the chicken... this was ridiculously random and adorable!! :)

  2. Yes, the baby riding the chicken, and the baby laying in the fountain in the background. FUNNY.

  3. I like the baby milking the cow. HILARIOUS! How can I get a print?? I seriously want to put this in my kid's room. You should advertise on the 'mommy blogs'. they'd go ga-ga for
    -julie k

  4. While each individual baby action is badass in it's own right, I must admit that I'm partial to the baby break-dancing on top of the tortoise. Keep up the good work, sir.

  5. After long consideration....
    and I truly love the baby riding the chicken...
    the baby eating the squirrel is my most favorite.
    Given the opportunity, I know for a fact that a baby would definitely attempt to eat a squirrel!

    Wonderful work B!!

  6. Great illustrations! Love your artwork and humour :)

  7. Hahaha, thanks everyone!

    Denise – I know, right?? Babies love to try to eat anything. I was once almost eaten by a baby!

    Bee – thanks! Please feel free to pick a favorite baby, hahaha.

  8. HE! HE!! What a wicked idea!! Love the detail and the bunny!!

  9. haha i love the baby riding the chicken. this is a lovely illustration! congrats on being the IF pick of the week!

  10. I like the baby riding the cow and the sucking his toes :D

    Great work! I love your blog!

  11. Happy E to you too! And yes you did spot boobs. ;-)

  12. Forget to answer your question...has to be the baby with the squirrel(?)in its mouth!!

  13. for me it has to be the one riding the chicken who is laying an egg at the same time - what a fun and lovely piece.

  14. whew. that's some back story! :)

    this is one of my favorites. and i have to give it up to lounging fountain and turtle babies. they really know how to kick it back and not lose their baby cool.