Thursday, April 30, 2009

Eggs Over Evil

I think that the best way to ensure that my kids (provided they eventually exist) develop strong imaginations will be to fill their heads with lots of silly stories and tales. And storytales!

For example, I just thought of something fun to instill into their child-thoughts:

"Why should you be good little children? Well, I'm glad you asked, lil' Kojak. Every time that you do a good deed, that mean ol' devil gets a little bit sick. SO sick that you can fry an egg on his red, red head. And the sicker he is, the less kittens he will have time to steal, since he'll be sniffling and sneezing in his red, red bed. So, what are you waiting for, Rapunzel? Go save lives!"

That'll be fun.


  1. Kojak and Rapunzel will certainly be entertained and enthralled and grow up to be well rounded and with great imaginations!

    Love this B!


  2. B, it's awesome! I love the coloring. :)

    The angels are my favorite part of it.

  3. wait, stealing kittens is a bad thing?

    love this one, btw.

  4. You got it right! Coming from a Children's Librarian's heart, stories and imagination come hand in hand. Will visit your other blog. Great illustration.

    My blog:

  5. Hahaha! This is incredible. I love the story you made up. Damn cute, and the illustration makes the devil looks like a pipsqueak. I love it. Great work. Put up more of such stories:)