Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Kung Fun

A couple of weeks ago, one of my friends told me about this old Shaw Brothers martial arts flick called Dirty Ho, which immediately brought forth laughter. Solely based off of his praise for the film, I ordered from ze internetz. It arrived Monday, and tonight is the screening.

I, unfortunately, got it into my head that I needed to create a Facebook event for this screening (which will just comprise of about four friends and myself). This meant that I needed to illustrate something and then design a worthy/fun poster. The things I do for silliness...

Well, last night I spent about forty-five minutes or so drawing a martial artist performing a magnificent feat of shoe-tying prowess. Which led to a debate as to whether or not this could actually be done in real life. I blindly claimed that it could. I mean, since I could draw it, it has to be performable, right? RIGHT?

And at lunch today I spent half an hour working up this graphic to promote the screening to a very minute friendset and for a very minute period of time (since I posted it at about 1 p.m. and we're watching it at 8 p.m.).

But I think it just had to be done. For the honor of Dirty Ho.

I'll post an update with our impressions of the movie. So check back later, haha!

Update 1: He is wearing Kungverse shoes.

Update 2:
Oh my, it was so great. The fight choreography was amazing, there were plenty of funny scenes, and the DUBBING WAS HILARIOUS. Two thumbs way up. It really was epicness at its finest.


  1. HO-ly typographical goodness burtman! me likes ze poster.

  2. I think I did the movie justice. IT IS SUCH A GOOD MOVIE.

  3. well, since we see eye to eye on gymkata i'll trust you and add it to my blockbuster queue. ha.

  4. Sounds awesome, I'm going to have to get hold of this. Love the poster too. I'm sure I've seen my old yoga teacher do something similar...

  5. Love the illustration... the colour and typo are spot on!