Friday, March 12, 2010

Pony Up

The other day I was talking with my friend Lauh-ren
about how she was going to quit her current job in an epic way. We were trying to find the mostepic route she should take. This ended up involving her riding a pony into the place, dressed as a pony, wielding a megaphone.

Then I said "Now, that'd make a funny illustration." And then it was agreed we'd both draw our own versions. So, here's mine!

A pony-costumed person riding a pony, drinking a pony-size beer and listening to the Deftone's White Pony album.

Drawn at sketchgroup with a black Copic marker and White-Out.


  1. cool, i remember the White Pony album, though isnt my fave...
    ive noticed that you like Pink Floyd, well thats even morrrrre cool :D

    i like the way you pronounce the name "lauh-ren"

  2. i stillll need to draw mine. so sawwwwry.

    yrrrs is genius.