Monday, March 8, 2010

Oldschool Wrap, Resurrected

Hey everyone! I finally got around to finishing up the submission process for my Oldschool Wrap shirt design for Threadless. They months-long delay was due to the fact that I did not own a brown shirt. I'd always think "I need to go get a brown shirt so I can comp up my design and submit the entry," but I'd always forget instantly afterwards. Until this weekend! So, finally, I submitted the design to Threadless.

The description I included with the design was along the lines of "Represent the Middle-East Side," in addition to the actual ink and shirt specs. Because, really, one can't have enough mummy puns.

Haha, doing silly things like this is really fun. I should do more. Hopefully, one of these days a submission will get printed!

I'll post a link to the shirt when it goes up for voting. Thanks in advance for the support! :D

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