Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Illustration Friday - Hollow

This is why you should be wary upon entering strange hollows that lie between crooked mountains:

Ruff Furstew wasn't your conventional ogre. Nah, he was a bit more special.

You see, when he was a wee 'gre, a swab (that's the term I'll used to describe a group of rabbits) of rabid rabbits swarmed his village. Ruff, situated safely in his high-chair during his daily midnight feeding, was the sole ogre survivor.

From then on (well not exactly at that time, since he was still a baby 'gre), Ruff swore to rid his hollow of any bouncy, fluffy creatures. Tales of Ruff Furstew soon traveled far into lands beyond his own. Apparently those rabbits had earned quite a reputation. Should they crave another encounter, Furstew will be ready.

It's safe to say that Easter never comes to this hallowed hollow.


  1. Ruff Furstew's bunny footwear & carrot cannon (?) is cracking me up :)

  2. This is ridiculous, in a good way. Be sure to post pics(or a link) of your big head costume, because that is the greatest idea ever.

  3. What a story, what a pair of slippers!! : D

  4. Great illustration and storytelling. I want a headress and a pair just like those!