Saturday, July 11, 2009

Gimme a T! (REX!)

Cheera the Cheerasaur
One wouldn't think of dinosaurs as sulky, depressed animals, right? Well, come to find out, a good chunk of the dino population actually lived their lives moping and wallowing around, looking forlorn and sighing a whole lot. Suprising? Well, you would too if you didn't have air conditioning.

One dinosaur, however, took it upon herself to instill cheer into the large hearts of all fellow dinosaurs. She donned a pep-squad uniform and ran about hooting and hollering for cheer's sake. Not satisfied with mere smiles, Cheera the Cheerasaur demanded that the dino-crowd chant along with her:

"We are the dinos,
Chompa-doozy hidy-ho's!
Smile if you saurus,
Wakka-floozy piggy-toes!

When you see us coming 'round:
Don't stomp,
Don't shake,
Don't run us down.
Or we'll stomp-shake-run you out of town!

Make-ya wanna do-uh CHEER!
Skippy flippy happy CHEER!
Slippy slidey never FEAR,
Cheerasaurus ever NEAR!"