Sunday, July 5, 2009

Bigheads are Better Than None

I was recently invited to an upcoming themed birthday party. It shall be monumentally epic. I'm told there shall even be "B"-themed snacks!

All attendees have to dress as something that starts with the letter "B."

So, this morning, my friend Meg and I put our normal-sized heads together and brainstormed that I should go as Ed Bighead, a la the amazing old-school Nickelodeon show Rocko's Modern Life.

So I did some very quick fashion/costume design sketches:

The costume will require chicken wire, paper mache, paint and vast amounts of nerdiness. The paper mache head will have sections carved out so that it can rest on my shoulders. This is going to be nuts.


  1. what is he holding in his left hand???

  2. A chocolate-covered donut!

  3. oh holy wow! its been forever since i've seen rocko's. there must be pics. must be, i say!

  4. Oh yes, I plan on there being some very fun pics!

  5. can't wait to see the final result!